Egyptian Mythology: Isis and Osiris

Egyptian Mythology: Isis and Osiris

The myth of Isis and Osiris It is one of the most recognized of Ancient Egypt. The god Ra was angry because Geb loved Nut and this corresponded to him. Therefore, he condemned her not to have children in no month or no year. To try to solve the problem, he went to Thot, who went to the god of the Moon. The latter was in a dispute with the Sun for gain some of the luminosity.

Finally, the Moon lost, so it must leave the seventeenth part of its luminosity, which makes it disappear into the sky every four weeks. Thanks to this light, Thot added five days a year, days that did not belong to any year or month, five days that were away from the curse of Ra. These days is when Nut takes advantage of these days and has several children: Seth, Isis, Osiris and Nephthys.

Osiris was one of the most important, since brought civilization to the lands washed by the Nile. When he went away to show it to other peoples, he left Isis in front of everything. Seth took advantage of her absence and ambushed him. He decided to organize a large banquet to welcome him. To do this, he commissioned the making a chest.

As dinner was finished, Seth took out the chest and claimed that I would give it to whoever entered it. They all tried, but none managed to enter, since they did not fit. But nevertheless, Osiris managed to enter. When he was inside, the lid of the chest was closed, the lid was nailed down and sealed with molten lead so that could not leave. Finally, the chest was thrown into the waters of the Nile. Isis sadly received the news, so she dressed in mourning and cut a lock of her hair.

Isis knew that the dead could not rest unless they received the funeral rites suitable, so he decided look for your loved one. After much searching, he turned to Magic and discovered that the waves had washed away the chest to Byblos and that they had thrown it into a tamarisk bush that became a wonderful tree that kept the chest inside.

The king of Byblos was fascinated by the tree, so he cut it down and used it as a main column to be able to fasten the ceiling of his immense palace. Isis managed to sneak into the palace so she could open the trunk and take out the chest where her loved one was. Since then, the chest has been venerated in Byblos.

Isis returned to the Nile country and bitterly wept over her husband's body. Seth then discovered the chest and he was furious when he found out. When he had the chance, he took the chest and smashed the corpse of Osiris, separating his body into fourteen pieces and spreading them.

Isis then set out to search for the pieces of Osiris. Managed to find them all except the virile member, which had been eaten by three fish. He then went to Anubis, thanks to which was able to mend the body of Osiris. Isis He then became a kite and fluttered over the body of his beloved, influencing life. This one managed to leave her pregnant of Horus, posthumous son.

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