Atalanta and Hipómenes, the lions of the chariot of Cibeles

Atalanta and Hipómenes, the lions of the chariot of Cibeles

Atalanta She was the daughter of Clímene and depending on the version, of Yaso or Esqueneo. When I was a girl, it was abandoned by her father in the mountainsas she wanted a male child.

She was raised by hunters and suckled by a bear, educating herselfsurrounded by nature, so he managed to develop great physical skills, especially agreat speed running and he had great hunting skills. Thanks to these abilities, she managed to flee from the centaurs that were pursuing her and even wound the Calydonian boar.

When he grew up they began to emerge large number of suitors who tried to conquer her, but she showed little interest in marriage. This fear was increased because an oracle had assured him that if he got married it would have a disastrous end.

However, his father did not stop pressing, so he agreed to marry the one who beat him in a race, since she was sure that no one could beat her. However, Atalanta's father had hidden from her that he had promised everyone who participated that whoever did not get it would kill him. Many died in the attempt, something that intimidated many suitors.

However, a resourceful young man emerged who decided to accept the challenge. Was Hippomenes, descendant of the god Poseidon. He planned a strategy to get her married. Came to an agreement with Aphrodite, what got you three blocks from the garden of the Hesperides, which were golden.

When the race started, every time Atalanta managed to overtake him I threw an apple at him. She, amazed by its charm, stops to pick it up and admire it, an opportunity that Hippomenes took to overtake it.

After doing this three times, managed to win the race. They finally got married. In fact, Atalanta gave herself to her husband willingly, since she had been impressed by the great intelligence of her suitor.

Once married, they decided unite carnally in a temple. According to the version, the god differs. One theory says that it was in the temple of Zeus, and that he decided fulfill the omen of the oracle.

The other version says it was in that of Cybele, and that it decided punish them for daring.

In both cases, the young spouses were turned into lions, and would be sentenced to pull the car of Cibelesfor the whole eternity.

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