Greek mythology: who was Adonis?

Greek mythology: who was Adonis?

The story of Adonis begins with Aphrodite's punishment of Myrrh, who by order of the goddess, had to maintain a relationship with Tías, his own father. Of this union a boy was born who would be called Adonis.

The growth of Adonis

Aphrodite felt guilty for what she had done, so she picked up the boy and introduced him in a box that he decided to give to Persephone.

Aphrodite didn't tell her about the contents of the box, so Persephone was shocked to see that Inside was a baby and decided to take care of it.

When he grew up, he became a handsome and attractive young man, so when he was an adult he became the lover of Persephone herself.

Aphrodite had in love with the young man seeing him sleep naked, so she also wanted to have him by her side.

He decided to go to Zeus to ask him snatch it from Persephone, but Zeus realized that Aphrodite's interest was superficial, so he ignored and entrusted the solution of the problem to the muse Calliope.

Calliope decided divide each year into thirds.

The first third should pass it with Aphrodite, since she had saved his life; the second would pass it next to Persephonesince she had cared for him since he was a baby; and the rest of the year would be freeso that he could be with whoever he wanted without having to be either of the two goddesses.

Time passed and when it was her free turn, Aphrodite decided to use her arts and cajole the young man and try to make him fall in love to spend more time with her.

Persephone began to get jealous of the situation, since Aphrodite was breaching the agreement they had come to.

Decided then look for Ares, who had been Aphrodite's lover. The God, furious for the situation, decided become a wild boar and one day when Adonis was hunting, he found him in the forest and decided attack him to death in the presence of Aphrodite herself.

She tried to rescue the young man but got hooked on some branchesand could not arrive on time.

Once dead, I would fully belong to the world of the dead, from where Persephone herself was queen. Thanks to this, Adonis would be all year in the company of Persephone.

Aphrodite went back to Zeus to do something about the situation. This time he did decide to intervene and got during the middle of the year, the one belonging to the summer, spend time in the company of Aphrodite and the rest of the year with Persephone.

The birth of red roses

According to the myth, when Aphrodite got caught in the branches, blood spurted that fell on the roses of a nearby rose bush. Thanks to this, the Red roses.

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