Roman tombs found near mammoth cemetery in Serbia

Roman tombs found near mammoth cemetery in Serbia

Just one week after having discovered the skeletons of mammoths in an excavation in Viminacium, a site in eastern Serbia, archaeologists have stumbled with human graves containing gold objects.

Miomir Korac, director of the Viminacium Archaeological Project, which is named after the capital of the Roman province across the Danube River, says they were surprised discovering them only a few hundred meters from the mammoth bones.

We found gold objects in the tombs, beads and coins of fine craftsmanship”Says Korac.

A few hundred meters away, archaeologists have found a rectangular base premise whose original purpose is yet to be determined. Korac says it is possible that that part of Viminacium had workshops that served as a kind of industrial complex.

It is obvious that life flourished outside the city limits of Viminacium, and now we can say that the territory of the city extended to 450 hectares", He says Korac.

According to Korac, they have also been found lime remains in the newly found graves. A plague It was unleashed during the reign of Emperor Marcus Aurelius and Korac believes that lime was probably used as a disinfectant.

Viminacium is located in what used to be the delta of the prehistoric Morava river, on the shores of what is now the Pannonian Sea.

The Serbian archaeologists drew attention to world-wide discovery after discovering the skeletal remains of five or six mammoths in the excavation.

A total of seven skeletons so far at the site, including one found in 2009 in Drmno. Experts believe that either a type of catastrophe affected the herd, killing all the mammoths in the same place, or is it the first 'cemetery'Of mammoths that has been found.

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