Tourists steal cobblestones and pieces of ancient mosaics in Rome

Tourists steal cobblestones and pieces of ancient mosaics in Rome

Tourists are stealing cobblestones, marble mile markers and pieces of mosaics from ancient Rome that are caught in customs trying to smuggle them to his house, the airport police have announced.

Dozens of the square stones used by the Romans ago 2,000 years for pave the roads they have ended up in the passengers' luggage.

Security members they have scanned the luggage in the main airports of the Italian capital, Fuimicino and Ciampino, and have reported that they find the findings thanks to x-ray scannerswhen the luggage is being carefully examined and the police are called.

On Sunday, the Rome police showed a vast collection of stones and objects that have been recovered from passengers' luggage in the first six months of the year. Most of the detainees are northern europe and many British tourists have been caught red-handed and are embarrassed in front of the rest of the passengers when they are removed from their luggage.

The ancient Romans used volcanic stone to make the stones for the roads that led to the city and dating from 2,000 years ago.

The Chief of Police Antonio del Greco He says: "It is a particularly unusual theft and at the same time what we are finding is an increase and it is happening more often. The main culprits are Northern Europeans who have simply picked up a loose pebble stone or a piece of mosaic that they found while wandering around Rome. They put it in their luggage and take it home as vacation souvenirs. We have also found large marble landmarks taken from the Appian Way”.

Although the objects really they have no monetary value, Mr. Del Greco says that technically it's still a robbery and that "they are taking part of the heritage and culture of Rome”.

Del Greco adds that the captured remained “very ashamed" but they were not arrestedInstead, they were warned and allowed to return home after returning the old souvenirs.

Umberto Broccoli, superintendent of culture of the city of Rome, He says: "I must warn tourists that the rich heritage of the city should not be touched. What these people do by stealing these objects shows their ignorance. I can understand the legend and splendor that is Rome but that does not mean that pieces of it can be stolen, but that they can take all the photos they want but they cannot take away cobblestones or other objects on their own even though it looks like they are going to be discarded. If you want a souvenir, visit and buy something in a store”.

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