They discover a Gallo-Roman treasure in Ain

They discover a Gallo-Roman treasure in Ain

A worker on a private estate in Meximieux, near Lyon, came across a hoard of between 800 and 1000 Roman bronze coins that according to archaeologists date from the third century after Christ.

The Mayor of Meximieux, Christian Bussy, welcomed to this historical contribution of the discovery in the village. "This extraordinary numismatic treasure was found completely accidentally in my town, which is a very ancient Gallo-Roman settlement.”.

Someone probably hid those coins 1,700 years ago", Says the mayor to Le Figaro, adding that"the National Commission for Archaeological Research will determine its scientific and historical interest”.

Under French law, half the treasure will go to the owner of the land and half to the worker who found it, although they have to wait five years to receive your reward. The coins have been provisionally valued at 100 euros per piece.

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