Megalithic funerary monument found in India

Megalithic funerary monument found in India

A megalithic funerary monument dating from 500 BC., has been located near the Devandlapalli village, in the Rayavaram panchayat of Tsundupalle mandal in the Kadapa district (India).

Robert Bruce Foote initiated a study on the megalithic culture in the Kadapa district and reported in 1914 that the first inhabited megalithic site was in the village of Yellanur, which was published in the Foote Collection of Prehistory India and the Catalog of Proto-Historical Antiquities Reasoned by the Mandras Government Press.

Hunting for treasure.

In archaeological explorations led by Professor G. Sambasiva Reddy, assistant professor of history and archeology and assistant professor of geology to K. Raghu Babu of Yogi Vemana University, a complex of 20 megalithic monuments and some of them were dolmens and remains that had the left part surrounded with slabs.

All the monuments were disturbed by treasure hunters and in every grave they have been found ceramic pieces usually black and red. Two of the dolmens in the northwest area that have a turtle on its inner surface, leaf-shaped structures, humans with weapons and solar diagrams with bank pigments and red ocher.

Another dolmen it represents two elephants next to each other and human figures drawn with white pigment. Chronologically, the megalithic assigned to the Rayalaseema region is from the year 500 BCbased on data from the carbon 14 method.

The exploration team appealed to District Collector V. Anil Kumar and officials from State Archeology and the Hyderabad Archaeological Research Circle of India to protect the megalithic monumental complex in Kadapa district for future generations.

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