A treasure trove of ancient Greek coins found in Sozopol

A treasure trove of ancient Greek coins found in Sozopol

Bulgarian archaeologists have discovered a treasure of bronze coins during excavations in the tourist town of Sozopol, the same where the ‘vampire’ skeleton.

The treasure was found hidden in a small vessel and consists of 225 ancient Greek bronze coinsexplains the director of the archaeological team, Professor Krastina Panayotova, as quoted by the Focus news agency.

The coins are well preserved and they were preserved in Sozopol in the 4th century. They were found during the excavations of a necropolis in the Budzhaka area, near the Black Sea, he explains.

They were not found in a grave, they are not part of a funeral, it is a treasure, the 'classic' case of buried treasure. We hadn't found any treasure before. I have been busy in Apollonia (the ancient Greek name for Sozopol) for 25 years and have never seen anything like this. It is very strange to find such a find in a necropolis”, Explains Panayotova.

He says he knows of one more case in which a pot with coins in a necropolis in Romania but the treasure found in the Sozopol necropolis is a precedent for Bulgaria.

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