The Spartacist League

The Spartacist League

The Spartacus League, called the Spartakusbund in German, was a German revolutionary movement that started out as a socialist but ended up as a communist. It was founded by Rosa Luxembourg and by Karl Liebknechtas well as by other minority socialists such as Clara Zerkin, who established as the foundation of the party a Marxist doctrine.

Although it arose during the First World War as a protest against the warmongering policy of the German ruler, its greatest period of activity was during the German Revolution of 1918, when the communists tried to provoke a Bolshevik revolution similar to the one that had occurred a few months earlier in Russia. The reason for the movement's low visibility during the Great War was that both Luxembourg and Liebknecht were imprisoned in 1916 for causing public altercations.

The name of "Spartacus”Arose because it was the name with which the members of the movement signed the propaganda sheets that they distributed as manifestos against the policies of the German government and the SPD. Liebknecht and Luxembourg they chose the figure of Spartacus, because he was the leader of the largest slave rebellion in the history of Rome. His intention was to repeat a similar feat.

In any case, in December 1918, the two top leaders of the movement having been freed, the Spartacists joined the Comintern and formed the German Communist Party (KPD). From this moment on, they put aside the merely protest work and tried to carry out a communist revolution in berlin. Both Luxembourg and Liebknecht objected, since they did not have a strong enough revolutionary nucleus, but it was carried out anyway.

The Spartacist uprising was defeated by a joint army made up of members of the SPD, remnants of the German Imperial Army and the so-called Freikorps, extreme right-wing paramilitary bodies. This particular military union that was under the orders of Friedrich Ebert He prevailed against the Spartacists who, for the most part, were executed or arrested. It was the end of the Spartakusbund, although the survivors joined the KPD and kept the League newspaper "Die Rote Fahne”.

Today, there are still several international sections of the Trotskyist International Communist League which are named after the movement founded by Liebknecht and Luxembourg. Under the name of "Spartacist league”, The new members operate in the United States, Great Britain, Australia, Ireland, Italy and Germany, among a large number of other countries.

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