Roman jewelry found in ancient Japanese tomb

Roman jewelry found in ancient Japanese tomb

It is believed that crystal jewelry found in an old grave in japan they were made by roman craftsmeninvestigators said Friday, a sign of empire influence that may have come on the edge of Asia.

Tests have revealed three crystal beads from the 5th century in the mound ‘Utsukishi’In Nagaoka, near Kyoto, probably made at some point between the 1st and 4th centuriessays the Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Property.

The government-backed institute recently completed analysis of the components of crystal beads, which measure five millimeters in diameter with small golden fragments attached.

They have found that the yellow beads were made with natron, a chemical used by the artisans of the empire to temper the glass, which began to occur in the Roman Republic in 27 BC and ended with the Fall of Constantinople in 1453.

The beads, which have a hole in the middle, were made with a multilayer technique, a relatively sophisticated method in which the craftsman stacked layers of glass, often sandwiching a gold leaf in between.

They are one of the oldest multilayer glass products in Japan, and are very rare accessories believed to have been made in the Roman Empire and shipped to Japan.", He says Tomomi tamura, a researcher at the institute.

The Roman Empire was concentrated around the Mediterranean Sea and it extended north to occupy what is now England. The discovery of Japan, about 10,000 kilometers from Italy, could shed light on how far east his influence reachedsays Tamura. "It will also lead to further studies on how he might have managed to make it all the way to Japan.", He says.

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