Restoration of a Roman fortress in Bulgaria

Restoration of a Roman fortress in Bulgaria

Within two months, the works of repair of the Roman fortress Sexaginta Prista near the Danube town of Ruse northeast of Bulgaria They will have been completed, according to the statement made to the media by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works.

The project foresees the renovation and popularization of the ancient Roman fortress in an approximate value of 1.3 million BGN provided by the Operational Program of Regional Development, being beneficiary the Ministry of Culture.

The project consists of a in-depth review of the remains of two buildings in the territory of the fortress and the construction of a ramp with good light to facilitate access to the remains of Sexaginta Prista (‘the port city of the sixty ships').

They are going to be decorated and installed decorative lights later. Apart from this, a experimental archeology center to make the site more attractive.

They are expected to come to the place groups of students in extracurricular activities. The renovation project financed by the European Union aims to equitable access to cultural products and services. The modern city of Ruse was built on the site of the ancient city of Sexaginta Prista.

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