Biography of Amadeo I

Biography of Amadeo I

During the period of time that the Bourbons did not reign In the 19th century in Spain, in addition to having changed the system of government to a republic, another king also reigned: Amadeo of Savoy. Was born May 30, 1845 in Turin, Italy. He was the son of the kings of Italy, Victor Manuel II and Maria Adelaida of Austria. Thanks to his family, he inherited the title of Duke of Aosta.

Participated in the war against Austria but he was wounded. Shortly after the conflict ended, he was appointed Cavalry Brigadier and shortly after Vice Admiral of the Navy. In 1867 he married María Victoria del Pozzo della Cisterna.

In September 1868 there was a revolution in Spain that ended with the abdication of Queen Elizabeth II, who soon after went into exile. This event had the consequence that General Prim, head of the government at that time, had to look for a monarchfor the empty Spanish throne.

He made numerous negotiations between the European royal families to see what would be the best candidate to occupy the throne. After some time mulling over the subject, he finally decided that the best option was Amadeo of Savoywhose house would be heir to the Spanish throne in the event that the Bourbon dynasty was terminated as quoted in the Utrecht treaty. Amadeo decided to accept on the condition that it was elected king by the Cortes and his appointment was recognized by the European powers. With everyone's acceptance, he was appointed Amadeo I.

The problems began as soon as they arrived in Spain. His top support, General Prim, was murdered, so if the situation became unstable due to the rejection of both the Republicans and the Carlists. The first official act was his attendance at Prim's burial on January 2, 1871. He then commissioned the formation of the government to take place. For this he appointed as manager General Serrano. This formed a government of progressives, democrats and unionists, that is, all full of support for the monarchy.

However, soon after they began to revolt the detractors of the appointment, among which the army, the aristocracy and the Church stand out, which was contrary to the Constitution approved that year. The governments that were formed were doomed to failure due to the economic and financial crisis that was emerging in those years.

At the end of 1872 he tried to abdicate, but the Constitution that he himself had established prevented him from doing so. But finally, in February 1873 he abdicated using the army uprising as a pretext. The decision was accepted by the Cortes, which then decided to proclaim what would be the First Republic of Spain. Amadeo I then pronounced the famous words ‘Spaniards are unruly'And returned to Italy. There he was again appointed Duke of Aosta and spent the rest of his life away from political life. He died on January 18, 1890.

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