70 Egyptian objects found in illegal possession authenticated

70 Egyptian objects found in illegal possession authenticated

The archaeological committee of the central administration of confiscated antiquities, led by Youssef Khalifa, verified the authenticity of the collection of ancient Egyptian objects that were found in possession of three people in Giza.

The Tourism and Antiquities Police (TAP) was carrying out its routine work looking for objects that were presumed missing of various archaeological sites in Egypt as a result of the Egypt revolution in 2011.

When the police detained these people with the objects, the TAP called the Ministry of State for Antiquities (MSA) to inspect them and verify their authenticity.

The minister, Mohamed Ibrahim, revealed on Monday that they had authenticated 70 of 110 objects, including:

  • A collection of 17 amulets from the late pharaonic period representing the lioness goddess of joy and blessings, Sekhmet; the god of the universe, Toth; the goddess of magic and life, Isis; god of the afterlife, Osiris, and the goddess of fertility, Tawert
  • Nine eye beetles
  • Rings
  • Bronze spoons
  • Seeds of many colors of different sizes and shapes
  • Two groups of bronze coins Roman and Islamic
  • Glass bottles

Khalifa says that these objects they were not registered in the list antiquities department, which means they were stolen in illegal excavations in archaeological sites. The objects will be restored to be placed in the museum warehouse on the esplanade of Giza in Egypt.

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