Brief biography of Hercules, the Theban hero

Brief biography of Hercules, the Theban hero

Hercules is one of the classic heroes best known of all time. He was a Theban hero who was born as a result of one of the love relationships of Zeus, god of Olympus.

The birth of Hercules

His mother was Alcmena, General Host's wife. In order to lie with her, Zeus took the form of her husband. That same night, Host returned from an expedition and they conceived Iphicles, what would be born at the same time as Hercules.

Hera, wife of Zeus, was dying of jealousy and rage both because of her husband's infidelity and because of the fact that the god did not stop to boast of his feat before the rest of the gods.

The goddess, from the first moment wanted to prevent the child from being born and before the oath of Zeus that the child who was born first would be king of Greece, caused the delivery of Euristeo to be advanced (apparently seven months), so Heracles was subordinate to him (and who will later order the twelve works).

According to one version, when Alcmena was about to give birth, Hera sent Ilithia and the Fates those that, placed in a magical position in the portal, prevented childbirth.

But, Alcmena's friend, Galintia, devised a stratagem: he went quickly towards them saying that the child had been born thanks to the power of Zeus. They, then, abandoned their position and the child could be born (which earned Galintia being transformed into a weasel by Ilithia).

Therefore, shortly after the child was born, he decided send two snakes to end his life. However, despite the young age of the little boy, he managed to kill the snakes strangling them.

Alcmena was afraid that Hera's hatred would fall on her, so she abandoned the baby.

Hermes picked him up and he got cheat on Hera for what she breastfeeds him, in such a way that unconsciously granted him immortality.

When the goddess woke up and realized who she was, she pushed him away abruptly and the jet of milk that came out of Hera's breast formed the Milky Way.

His strength and abilities were due to the education received by Chiron. Other of his teachers were Linos, Castor and Radamante.

It is around this time, when I was about 18 years old, that kills a lion that was attacking the herds on Mount Citeron, covering herself with her skin and also in 50 days fertile at 50 daughters (believing it was just one) of Testius, king of the Thespians.

Fight alongside the Thebans against Ergino (king of Orcomeno in Boeotia, demanding a tribute to Thebes) defeating him. Therefore, the king of Thebes, granted him the hand of his daughter Megara, with whom he had three children: Therimachus, Creontiades and Deicoon.

But the goddess Hera made in a fit of madness, Heracles will murder his sons.

To purify himself of this crime, he consulted the oracle of Delphi, who ordered him to place himself at the command of the King of Mycenae, Eurystheus., who would order the famous 12 labors of Hercules.

However, as with his father, he was a man with numerous lovers. This produced big problems on various occasions, such as Onfale and Deyanira. In fact, his death was caused by the latter.

The death of the Theban hero

They were traveling together when they met the centaur Nessus. Hercules entrusted Deyanira to him so that he could cross a part of the river while he traveled a more convoluted part of the road but that served his purposes.

During the time Hercules was absent, Neso tried to force Deyanira.

The moment Hercules found out about it, came back to kill him. He did this by throwing an arrow at him after a long fight thanks to his speed and agility.

However, just before dying, gave the young woman a tunic.

As he said it would serve to stoke the love of unfaithful husbandsSo she could keep him by her side. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Time passed and Hercules started a journey to Euboea together with the young and beautiful Iole. Trying to keep him by her side, Deyanira remembered the tunic that Neso had given him Y gave it to Hercules.

As soon as he put it on he began to suffer great pains due to poison that contained the garment.

Hercules then understood that he was going to die, so he commissioned Philoctetes to light the pyre that he had done with tree trunks shortly before.

After his death, the Olympian gods decided rescue him from the underworld. To thank him for his behavior, they allowed him to live on Olympus, they transformed him into god and they granted him the hand of Hebe.

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