Erotic sculptures from the 10th century found in India

Erotic sculptures from the 10th century found in India

A team of archaeologists has discovered dozens of erotic sculptures dating back to the 10th century in the remote village of Baidyanath in the Kaimur district in the India. They came across them while excavating the famous Chausa Garh under the orders of Anant Ashutosh Dwidevi, who explains: “The discovery of these erotic sculptures from the Pala period, belonging to the 10th century, was completely accidental. The villagers were very excited to learn more about the past and history of their region”.

Experts believe that studying the findings probably provide more details about the medieval history of the state of Bihar (India), which contains valuable antiques. So much so that Bihar's own minister, Nitish Kumar, has also paid a visit to the site excavated at Chausa Garh. The politician has ordered that a museum be opened near the excavation site to collect all the antiquities that are found.

On the other hand, Dwivedi comments that they have no no record of finding erotic sculptures in Bihar in the past: “We only knew of one Nepalese temple in Hajipur in Vaishali district dating back to the 17th century that has some erotic sculptures. The recent discovery we have made makes it clear that we need to carry out further exploration in this region”.

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