The oldest toilet in Vietnam is 3,500 years old

The oldest toilet in Vietnam is 3,500 years old

The discovery of what is believed to be the oldest toilet in Vietnam It has given scientists hope to learn more about the ancient culture of the area.

The discovery of a Vietnamese bath of 3,500 years old, provides important clues to ancient Southeast Asian societies, scientists say. Archaeologists have found what they believe is the first Vietnamese latrineduring the excavation of a Neolithic village in the south of the country.

More than 30 stools preserved of humans and dogs and containing fish and broken animal bones have been located in an ancient five meter high mound called Rack Nui.

A detailed analysis will provide rich information on the diet of both humans and dogs on Rach Nui as well as the parasites they had to deal with.”, It says in a statement Marc oxenham, team leader from the Australian National University.

The group hopes these findings offer clues about how the region changed from a traditional hunting society to a farming community.

What we try to find in places like southern Vietnam is more evidence of these people in this territoryOxenham says. "Because they were sedentary and the size of the population was extended until leaving evidence of their existence in mounds like the one on Rach Nui. Your trash piled up in one place”.

Among the remains were found betel nut and foxtail millet, which according to Oxenhan is really exciting. "This not only confirms that this community produced domestic crops at that time, but that the millet variety is from China and may give clues about the origins of agriculture in southern Vietnam and Southeast Asia as a whole.”.

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