They find a strange bilingual Qutb Shahi inscription

They find a strange bilingual Qutb Shahi inscription

A 16th century bilingual inscription discovered at Fort Golconda adds a new dimension to the story Qutb Shahi. It clearly states the relationship between the Qutb Shahi kings and their subjects and the way they sponsored the local language.

Bilingual registrations are not common and this one that contains written in Persian and Telugu it is considered a unique discovery. Archaeological Investigation of India (ASI), Hyderabad Circle, stumbled upon a miniature column with the inscription among a pile of stones near a camel stable in the fort. Stones fell from the fort's fortification walls. "A chance and lucky find”Says R. Krishnaiah, ASI archeologist supervisor.

The inscriptions engraved on both sides of the column are severely eroded and they are difficult to decipher. The ASI authorities have sent a copy of the inscription to the Nagpur Epigraphy Branch for your interpretation. However, preliminary analysis shows that the inscription belonged to the period of Ibrahim Quli Qutb Shah, fourth king who ruled during 1550-1580.

The inscription on the column, which measures 0.25 meters long, 0.26 meters wide and 0.68 meters high, coincides with the inscription style of Vijayanagar emperors. At the top are raised symbols of the sun and moon, a common practice in Telugu inscriptions.

This is probably an administrative order of an important occasion for the benefit of the people”Says Krishnaiah.

Ibrahim Qutb Shah sponsored telugu poets in his court breaking with tradition. Probably wanted ingratiate yourself with the locals and issued official proclamations in Telugu. "There are some poets that show how the local people praised the king as Ibharamdu”Says D. Kanna Babu, deputy supervisor of archeology who found the inscription.

At present it has been erected near the Curator's Office for public display.

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