They identify the skeleton of the vampire of Bulgaria

They identify the skeleton of the vampire of Bulgaria

The skeleton of the 'vampire' which was recently discovered by archaeologists in a tomb in the city of Sozopol (Bulgaria), belonged to a pirate and former mayor of the city. According to the Bulgarian historians, it is the corpse of a nobleman named Krivich who lived in the fourteenth century.

The director of the Bulgarian National History Museum, Bozhidar Dimitrov, Explain: "The ‘Sozopol vampire’ was called Krivich and he was a pirate. Of course, he was not a vampire in life, but people were afraid that he would become one after his death”.

At the initiative of Dimitrov himself, the skeleton has moved to Sofia, where it will become part of the permanent exhibition of the Museum of National History, as folklore testimony in the Middle Ages: “He must have been a bad man, so that, according to the beliefs of the Middle Ages, his soul could not go to heaven and would remain in the body, suffering. Sometimes he would rise from the grave to drink the blood of animals or human beings. That is why you had to symbolically kill the soul with a strong rebound”.

In addition to being a man that his contemporaries considered as “bad", the 'sozopol vampire’Was also a member of the local nobility, because otherwise would not have been buried next to a church. Thus, Bulgarian archaeologists believe that it is one of the medieval mayors of Sozopol.

The man's name was Krivich, who was known to have had a experience as a pirate and bandit, being a bad example for the rest of society. Dimitrov claims that he demonstrated “his incompetence”When he was unable to defend the city against the invasion of the Genoese, who looted the entire city.

According to Dimitrov, the use of metal nails on corpses was a usual precaution against vampirism in the 13th and 14th centuries. He also notes that Krivich's remains do not have pointed teeth like in Hollywood movies.

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