What happened to Napoleon II?

What happened to Napoleon II?

Napoleon I Y Napoleon iii they were great French emperors. However, many people ask the question of: “What happened to Napoleon II?”. The truth is that it is a rather peculiar subject. His birth occurred more or less at the same time as that of his cousin Louis Napoleon, later Napoleon III, but he did not rule.

He was born on March 20, 1811 with the honors worthy of a future emperor. But The reason for Napoleon Francisco Carlos José Bonaparte's misery began when his father abdicated in April 1814. At that time, Napoleon II held the title of King of Rome and heir to the French Empire, but the sad political end of his father made him have to go into exile with his mother, Maria Luisa of Austria, in Vienna, next to his grandfather, Francis i. The treaty of Fontainebleau granted Maria Luisa the sovereignty of the principality of Parma, Plasencia and Guastalla, turning young Bonaparte into prince of Parma.

At Congress of Vienna, the European powers stripped him of all titles for the benefit of the House of Bourbons. However, Napoleon I re-entered the government of France during the so-called Hundred Days. In his last abdication, the emperor dictated that he leave the throne in the hands of his son. Both the House of Representatives and the House of Peers recognized this abdication of Napoleon I and proclaimed the young Bonaparte “Napoleon II, Emperor of the French”On July 7, 1815.

However, just a day later, Louis XVIII dissolved the courts and formed his own government, leaving the former emperor's son without a mandate. Napoleon II had to stay in Vienna, where his grandfather bequeathed him the title of Duke of Reichstadt in 1818. He never saw France or his father again, but he always revered his memory as that of a hero.

During the revolutions of 1830, could not even consider returning to the Gallic country due to the tuberculosis that he suffered. Just two years later, on July 22, 1832, Napoleon II passed away from this disease at the age of 21. Interestingly, his ashes remained in Austria until Adolf Hitler returned them to France in 1940.

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