The remains of the heads of three Cromwell soldiers unearthed

The remains of the heads of three Cromwell soldiers unearthed

A team of archaeologists has unearthed the remains of three heads than they are believed to be Oliver Cromwell's three soldiers during remodeling work at James Green. The remains are being examined by archaeologist Patrick Neary.

The killing of the soldiers occurred before Cromwell himself came to Ireland in the seventeenth century. It was a bloody battle involving 60 government soldiers, marching from Ballyragget to Ballinakill, against 600 Confederates. Neary explains: “The heads of seven of Cromwell's men are believed to be buried in the area. They were assassinated near Ballinakill in 1642 and their heads were hung from the market cross in Kilkenny for later burial. To date we have found what we believe to be two heads that belonged to the soldiers”.

The remains have been discovered during the development work that was carried out in James green. Archaeologists extracted them and have made them available to a bone expert. Once they have been carefully analyzed, they will be delivered to the National Museum in Dublin.

In the area they have also been found remains of medieval pottery and an ancient pipe, believed to have belonged to a canal between La Closh and the Breagagh River. Neary comments that the excavations are still in progress, so it is possible to make new discoveries, and that James Green is located near the place where the Church of St. James stood, which dates back to the 12th century and was the starting point of many pilgrims who made the Camino de Santiago.

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