Bronze Age tomb found in Kazakhstan

Bronze Age tomb found in Kazakhstan

Specialists from the Center for History and Archeology of the West of Kazakhstan have found the place of burial of a young girl dating from the Bronze Age. The tomb is located on the territory of the ancient city of Zhaiyk 12 kilometers from Uralsk and archaeologists argue that it is a unique discovery.

The woman was buried in a fetal position with the body oriented towards the west, since it was believed that if they buried a person in that way, they would be born again. This method corresponds to the one used by the people of the Bronze Age 2,000 years ago.

The finding adds new information about the city of Uralsk, which was thought to have been built in the 14th century. Now there would be evidence that this locality is much older. The skeleton of the young woman was found near a 800 year old brick kiln. The team accidentally came upon the building while undertaking routine excavations. Archaeologists are surprised to have made two discoveries so close in space but so far apart in time.

The chief researcher of the Center for History and Archeology of Western Kazakhstan, Murat Kalmenov, comments that the grave was located above the base of the furnace but they found an inscription that made reference to a burial mound in the 14th century: "We believe that the people who lived here did not recognize the tomb and built a furnace near it."

In the territory where the discovery has taken place there is a large number of complex historical areas. Therefore, this year the investigation of the excavations in Akzhaiyk, Chingirlau and the Kaztal regions are planned. The deputy director of the Center for History and Archeology, Serik Ramazanov, explains: “In 2009 we came across a similar city in the ancient Kaztal region, which was larger than Zhaiyk. The length of this town reached 900 meters and its width reached 300 meters”.

Researchers will install an open-air museum at the site of the ancient city of Zhaiyk to collect all the historical objects and monuments of the region.

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