World's first mammoth graveyard found in Serbia

World's first mammoth graveyard found in Serbia

Serbian archaeologists have found the remains of seven mammoths in Kostolac, east of Serbia. Investigators were working on the nearby Roman site of Viminacium when they were alerted by the Drmno miners about some possible fossil remains. Early surveys revealed the bodies of at least five mammoth skeletons. The EPS company, which owns the mine, has decided to end all mining operations at the site following the discovery.

The head of the Viminacium archaeological project, Miomir Korac, comments that this finding is something unusual, since they had never before been found in such a small space the remains of seven mammoths, and that his team hopes to unearth some more. In any case, it is clear that this is probably “the world's first mammoth graveyard”.

Miloš Milivojevic, a member of the Belgrade Museum of Natural Sciences, claims that the site is located in what used to be the delta of the Morava River in prehistoric times. He also emphasizes that not the first discovery of its kind in the area, since in 2009 they found a mammoth skeleton, which was christened Vika: “When Vika's fossil remains were found in 2009, it was determined that she drowned in the mud of the swamp. However, the new mammoth fossils are at least ten meters high, so there are two possible explanations for this phenomenon: either some kind of catastrophe hit them all in the same place, or it is the first mammoth graveyard”.

If this theory were true, would prove that mammoths, like their cousins ​​the elephants, embarked on long journeys in order to be able to end their lives in a certain place.


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