Ancient objects discovered underwater on Skiathos island

Ancient objects discovered underwater on Skiathos island

The underwater explorations carried out from May 14 to 15 near Skiathos island have resulted in a treasure trove of archaeological antiquities.

The first underwater exploration was organized under the supervision of the Greek Ephorate of Underwater Antiquitiesand explored large areas including the ancient port of Skiathos, fortress known to the Venetians and called Burtzi, the Kehria area and others.

Underwater Remains of Skiathos

An old breakwater, as well as a Byzantine jetty have been discovered in the area around the old port, which precisely coincides with the modern port of Skiathos.

Around the old port have also been discovered many ceramic pot parts. The most important finding were 2 complete headlights dating from the 4th and 6th centuries, as well as two complete vessels from the late classical period.

In the region of Tarsanades, experienced divers found part of a shipwreck from late Roman timesWhile a short distance from the old port was also found the wreck of a Byzantine ship carrying tiles and pieces of Byzantine vessels.

Other shipwreck from late Roman times It was found in the Platania cove.

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