Largest lookout post on Vietnam's Great Wall excavated

Largest lookout post on Vietnam's Great Wall excavated

Vietnamese archaeologists have begun to excavate a large 19th century lookout post in the Quang Ngai Great Wall.

The excavation of Don Thu (Thu lookout post) is being carried out by experts from the Vietnam Institute of Archeology. The lookout is located at the foot of Bo hill, in Binh Dinh province.

The Vietnamese version of the Great Wall of China stretches from Quang Ngai province to Binh Dinh in the south and, at 127 kilometers, is the largest monument in Southeast Asia.

Archaeologists say they have been discovered around 100 guard posts and Don Thu's is the largest with 16,000 square meters. It is divided into north and south sections by a wall with a gate.

Its walls are about 3 meters high and 4-6 meters wide at the bottom and it is 0.5 meters deep into the ground. There were watchtowers in its four corners and a fifth on the western wall.

Were found five incense stands at the site, the first religious remains discovered after 7 years of excavations at the Quang Ngai Long Wall, says Dr. Nguyen Tien Dong, the group's leader.

Archaeologists have also found various ceramic and clay household objects 18th century.

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