The Revolution of 1830 in Switzerland

The Revolution of 1830 in Switzerland

The July 1830 revolution that broke out in France and that ended the reign of absolutist king Charles X, sparked the regenerative movement in Switzerland. Many of the conservative cantons established a representative government and institutionalized freedom of the press and free trade.

During this time, the struggles between the two Swiss parties, the democratic and the aristocratic, were exacerbated by religious struggles reminiscent of the French Wars of Religion. On the one hand, the democratic party, of Catholic beliefs, dominated in seven cantons, which formed a group called "Sonderbund”. It was an independent confederation that defended the freedom and rights of the Church. On the other hand, the aristocrats, of Protestant faith, ruled as many and had the radical party as their operating hand.

But nevertheless, despite growing acceptance of progressive ideas, attempts to revise or abolish the “Act of 1815”Were thwarted by the reactionary opposition forces in the conservative cantons, which had the backing of the absolutist European powers of the Restoration. The inference from the foreigner was because, both Austria like Russia and Prussia, defended at all costs what was established in the Congress of Vienna and the Act formed a vital part of the European contractual system. Therefore, any difference between international and local conventions required the approval of all powers.

In any case, the progressive opposition was militarily annihilated. Catholics, being a minority in the Diet of the Confederacy, were defeated by General Dufour in 1847. This was the end of the liberal aspirations of the Swiss, who went on to join the list of countries in which the Revolution of 1830 it had failed, like Poland, Germany or Italy.

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