Initiative to promote the archaeological heritage of Pakistan

Initiative to promote the archaeological heritage of Pakistan

The Department of Archeology of the University of Hazara (Pakistan) and that of the University of Leicester (United Kingdom) have launched a project aimed at promote the archaeological heritage of Pakistan.

It is an initiative funded by the British Council and coordinated by Dr. Abdul Samad, who states that the “Strategic Knowledge Sharing Association”Has been scientifically designed to promote sustainable tourism within the eastern country.

According to Samad, the project has been executed mainly in the Chitral valley and there are more than 150 archaeologists, tourism specialists, members of local communities and university department officials who are involved in it.

He also clarified that the activities carried out in the area are "completely self-sustaining"And they play"an important role in building a positive image of Pakistan in the international arena”.

Furthermore, the researcher stressed the fact that local communities are involved: “This will undoubtedly benefit the creation of employment in the region and will help the place to be enriched by the archaeological knowledge that the experts who work here will impart.”.

The hope of the project lies in the promotion of archaeological tourism, so that the authorities help to adopt the ideas proposed by the scientists and thus see that archeology is the biggest generator of income in Pakistan.

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