Ancient Greek tombs discovered in Marseille

Ancient Greek tombs discovered in Marseille

Archaeologists excavating in the ancient port of the Marseille city, known as the Lazaretto de Arenc, have stumbled upon what appears to be a ancient greek necropolisdating from the 4th or 5th centuries BC.

According to Lionel Guévalet, the director of the Provence de la Bouygues Immobilier company, “scientists have found Greek tombs, which was totally unexpected in this place ”and that“ this discovery is of real importance because it can change what we know about the occupation of the Greek origin of Marseille”.

French sources say that less half a dozen sarcophagi with urns and ashes they have been excavated so far in the historic harbor district.

Lazaretto Hill was an important necropolis also during the Roman period”, says Guévalet. “This discovery could clarify and strengthen the panorama of the Greek occupation, including the location of the cemeteries that are traditionally located outside the city.”.

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