Oldest Roman coin found in Beau Street Treasury

Oldest Roman coin found in Beau Street Treasury

The oldest roman coin in a stash discovered in Bath, dates from more than 200 years before than the others that have been examined.

The Beau Street Treasure from more than 20,000 silver coins was found in a stone-lined box by archaeologists working in Bath in 2007, and work has now begun to clean it up in British museum.

Roman coin similar to that found in the treasury

Stephen Clews, manager of the Roman Baths, says that a coin from 32 BC is the oldest ever identified.

Julia Tubman, Curator of the British Museum, says the coins were initially estimated to be about 30,000, but after she has excavated the piece of soil where they were found, she believes there are no more than 22,000.

Discovered 150 yards from the Roman Baths, the treasure is described as the fifth largest never found in Britain.

The development of the story’.

The British Museum team says it looks as if they are six small collections of coins in bags, what is "very unusual”.

Clews says that the next oldest coin found in the stash is approximately 190 AD but one has been dated to Marco Antonio.

Coins found near the Roman Baths

The 32 BC coin is quite worn and must have circulated quite a bit before it was hoarded", He says.

It says that the previous most recent coin was between 268 and 270 ADBut now one from the year 274 AD has been found.

The entire treasure must be at least five years younger than we think", He says Clews. “The composition of the treasure can change dramatically when a new bag is made. It is the unfolding of a live story”.

Once clean, the Treasury Appraisal Committee will assess the stash, which Clews says will be in the fall of next year.

The Museum of the Roman Baths hopes to buy the treasure and show it to the public.


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