Ancient treasure discovered in Israel

Ancient treasure discovered in Israel

Archaeologists They have discovered a treasure containing about 140 gold and silver coins, as well as gold jewelry, probably hidden by a wealthy woman in a moment of imminent danger during the Bar Kokhba Revolt 1880 years ago.

The Israel Antiquities Authorities presented the sumptuous find on Tuesday and said it had been recently exposedat a salvage excavation in the vicinity of Kiryat Gat, southern Israel.

Rooms in a building dating from the Roman and Byzantine periods were exposed during the course of an excavation. Archaeologists discerned that it had been dug a hole in the yard of the old building and it had been refilled. To the surprise of archaeologists, a spectacular treasure of exquisite quality it was discovered. Had been wrapped in cloth which had deteriorated for the most part.

According to archaeologist Emil Aladjem, who is leading the excavation on behalf of the IAA, “the magnificent treasure includes gold jewelery, including a handmade earring by a jeweler in the shape of a flower and a ring with a precious stone on which there is a seal of a winged goddess, two silver bars that were probably kohl bars , as well as about 140 gold and silver coins”.

The coins discovered date from the reigns of the Roman emperors Nero, Nerva and Trajan, who ruled the Roman Empire between 54-117. The coins are adorned with images of the emperors and on the reverse there are cult representations of the emperor, symbols of the brotherhood of warriors and mythological gods such as Jupiter sitting on a throne or Jupiter holding lightning with his hand”.

Sa’ar Ganor, the IAA's Ashkelon District and Western Negev archaeologist adds that “the composition of the numismatic artifacts and their quality are in keeping with treasures that were previously attributed to the time of the Bar Kokhba Revolt. During the rebellion, between the years 132-135, the Jews under Roman rule could have minted coins of the Emperor Trajan with symbols of the revolt”.

“The stash includes silver and gold coins of different denominations, most of which date from the reign of Emperor Trajan. It is probably an emergency cache that was concealed in a moment of imminent danger by a wealthy woman who wrapped her jewelry and money in cloth and hid them deep in the ground before or during the Bar Kokhba Revolt. It is clear that the owner never claimed it again”.

The treasure was removed from the field and transferred for treatment in laboratories of the IAA Object Handling Department in Jerusalem. The excavation was funded by Y. S. Gat Ltd., the Corporation for Economic Development for the management of the Kiryat Gat Industrial Park.

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