Archaeologists stumble upon 'vampire' tombs in Bulgaria

Archaeologists stumble upon 'vampire' tombs in Bulgaria

Bulgarian archaeologists have discovered a buried man with an iron stake in his chest and throat,in the Sozopol locality, by the Black Sea.

The man, who was buried about 700 years ago, was stabbed multiple times in the chest and stomach, as if his contemporaries feared that he would rise once dead, like a vampireBozhidar Dimitrov, the director of the National History Museum, tells local media.

Experts believe that the man was an intellectual or a doctor, since these individuals normally raised suspicions in the Middle Ages.

The man's grave was discovered near the apse of a church, suggesting that it was an aristocrat. According to archaeologists, this is the first time that a tomb of ‘vampire’ in Sozopol.

About 100 buried people whose bodies were stabbed to prevent them from turning into vampires they have been discovered in Bulgaria over the years, according to Bozhidar Dimitrov, head of the Bulgarian National History Museum.

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