Excavation in Northampton reveals Roman pottery

Excavation in Northampton reveals Roman pottery

An unusual ceramic collection 2,000 years ago was the result of an excavation in the outskirts of Northampton, and it has left archaeologists baffled. The pots, some of which come from Europe, were unearthed outside the new village of Upton during an archaeological dig this week.

Northampton Excavation

Liz muldowney, an archaeologist leading the excavation, says it is not clear why the pots, which are well preserved, they were buried in this place. He says: "We don't know why the pottery is here, but it suggests that it was a house with a considerably high status. It is very unusual to find a collection of pottery together like this one. Sometimes it is associated with people's moving, they deliberately threw the pottery when they left. But they deliberately threw away some very expensive items. For farmers, being able to purchase ceramics from France represents a significant part of their limited wealth.”.

Excavation is being carried out in an area of 10 acres in size before new houses are built in Upton. Previous excavations in the area revealed that the site, which is near the Weedon Way, it was populated during the Iron Age Y early roman period.

Muldowney says: "The excavation has proven that it was not an urban area, it is agricultural land outside the ancient Roman city of Duston. We have boxes with objects from the early Roman times that show that they used this area as housing and for agriculture. It is difficult to say how many people would have lived here, but it is likely that they were large families and there were 20 to 40 people here in the Iron Age.”.

Pottery found in the trench includes valuable ceramic from Samos dating from the beginning of roman period. Next to it is a plate, a jug and a small plate.

Muldowney says: "It is very unusual to find a collection of pottery together like this one. We still don't know why they did it”. The findings have been sent to ceramic experts to be examined.

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