Biography of Casanova, the most famous lover

Biography of Casanova, the most famous lover

If there is a historical figure known for his loving feats that is undoubtedly Giacomo Casanova, a Venetian who managed to seduce more than 100 women throughout his life. Was born April 2, 1725 in Venice, Italy, within a family of actors. During his childhood he dedicated himself to collecting knowledge, feeding his intelligence and knowledge. As a young man he studied for the priesthood at the padua seminary, but he was expelled from there for illegal activities, so returned to Venice in 1755 and he worked as secretary to the Cardinal of Rome, Acquaviva.

It was also a protégé of senator MalipieroBut their relationship ended when Casanova seduced the senator's favorite.

That same year it was imprisoned by the Inquisition due to his fondness for the game, magic tricks and for having published certain satirical sonnets that were considered too licentious for the time. Was sentenced to pass five years locked up in the Prison of Leads in Venice. However, he did not serve his sentence, escaping when he had been imprisoned for three years.

After escaping fled to france. There he made a name for himself thanks to his charisma and became a popular person. Came to create the public lottery in the country, which was in operation from 1762 to 1836. Thanks to this he made a small fortune. He had to leave Paris unexpectedly because lost a court case for a bad deal. Thanks to that his love for travel reappeared, which made him visit several European cities where he met personalities such as Pope Clement XIII, Voltaire, Catherine II of Russia or Mozart, who is said to have inspired the work Don giovanni.

He spent a long time in Turin and Trieste and was there when got pardon and was able to return to Venice in 1774. There he begins to write his memories, called ‘Story of my life', Book in which it counts all his misadventures and love affairs, although he names his conquests simply with pseudonyms. The book it wouldn't be finished, since he died before he could. As a curiosity to point out that it was a Secret Agent at the service of the state inquisitors.

Back in his hometown, he again had problems with the justice, so in 1782 he had to flee again. He passed through Trieste and then traveled to Paris. There he met the Earl of Waldstein, with whom he had a deep friendship. He named him his librarian and installed him in his castle in Dux, Bohemia. He died on June 4, 1798 at 73 years of age.

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