Belgian archaeologists shed more light on the tomb of Ahanakht I

Belgian archaeologists shed more light on the tomb of Ahanakht I

Belgian archaeologists from the Catholic University of Leuven have found a important burial place dating back to the beginning of Upper Egypt. The find came while they were conducting a routine excavation at the tomb of the Middle Kingdom governor, Ahanakht I, found in the Deir Al-Barsha deposit, in Minya.

Egypt's Minister of State for Antiquities, Mohamed Ibrahim, explains that It is the first time in more than a century that such a well-preserved burial site has been found: “Although the area has been looted at least twice over the centuries and badly damaged, a large part of the funeral collection is in good condition and in its original position. Preliminary studies indicate that the burial must belong to the governor or a member of his family”.

The Belgian archaeological team is led by Harco Willems, who reveals that the remains of the coffin they have found so far are in poor condition. However, early studies show that it is the grave of a man whose name was Djehutinakht. For the director of the investigation it is something extremely important, since the inscriptions on the tomb of Ahanakht I They also mention his father, who has the same name: "Djehutinakht is known to have been the last of the nomarchs of the First Intermediate Period. Now we can conclude that this person was buried here”.

For his part, the director of Foreign Affairs at Egypt's Ministry of State for Antiquities, Mohamed Ismail, points out that they have found a collection of ritual objects in alabaster, copper and ceramic in their original position, that is, embedded in the dried lemon rind. The articles found will allow Egyptologists to imagine in great detail how the ancient Egyptians practiced their religious rituals.

Furthermore, research has shown that the coffin contains parts of the most important religious texts of the Middle Kingdom, which form the link between the "Pyramid Texts" of the Ancient empire and the famous "Book of the Dead”Of the New Kingdom.

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