Italian police seize 18,000 illegally excavated objects

Italian police seize 18,000 illegally excavated objects

A few days ago we echoed that 16,000 objects looted in Italy were to be auctioned by eBay. Now, Italian police said on Wednesday they had informed prosecutors of five people after finding and seizing 18,000 ancient artifacts illegally unearthed in archaeological excavations in places near Rome.

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The police also cordoned off three illegal excavations previously unknown to archaeologists, they said in a statement: a necropolis dating to the Roman Empire, a Roman villa and a sanctuary used by the ecuos, who lived in the northeast area of ​​Rome in the 4th and 5th centuries BC.

Seized items include old works of art, a Roman sarcophagus and engraved stones known as a stela.

There have been no arrests, but investigators have reported five people to the prosecutor's office for illegal excavations, theft of cultural objects belonging to the State and receiving stolen goods, the statement said.

Police opened an investigation after discovering a illegal excavation near the Via Tiburtina, an ancient Roman road, where officers found a marble sarcophagus that had been dug up and abandoned.

Researchers have found ancient objects while They investigated several homes of suspects, as well as notebooks with information to go hunting for the archaeological treasure that led them to the Aniene river valley area where the excavations took place.

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