Vietnam's only ancient observatory excavated

Vietnam's only ancient observatory excavated

The Hue Relic Preservation Center has done an archaeological survey in Quan Tuong Dai, the Nguyen dynasty observatory and the only old observatory left in Vietnam.

Bat Phong Remains

Quan Tuong Dai is located in the Nam Minh fort, southwest of the Hue citadel. It was about a hydrometeorological observatory of the Nguyen dynasty. The king Minh mang ordered to build the Bat Phong house in 1827. Along with the retreat of the Nguyen dynasty, the observatory stopped working. It is now in ruins. It is the only observatory left from feudal times in Vietnam.

Thanks to the permission of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Center for the Preservation of Hue Relics is carrying out archaeological studies at the site since April 2012.

Part of the Bat Phong house

They dug three holes in the excavation to study the structure and base of the observatory. They found that the original foundation was built from Hanoi ancient pottery bricks from Bat Trang village. The Bat Phone is defined as an octagonal building with the base intact.

There are holes for the water drainage at the base and are 12-14 centimeters taller than the surrounding patio. Most of the materials to build it include wooden blocks, various types of rock, Bat Trang bricks, roof tiles, lime, etc.

Based on the study, the observatory will be preserved.

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