German archaeologists leave Troy due to lack of funds

German archaeologists leave Troy due to lack of funds

A team of German archaeologists, who have conducted excavations during about 25 years in the ancient city of Troy in northwestern Turkey, they must leave their position to American archaeologists, the daily Hürriyet reports. The German team is leaving the excavations to the Americans due to financial problemssays Professor Ernst Pernicka, the excavation team manager.

German archaeologists were still interested in the Trojan excavations, but Turkey wants the excavations to be carried out by Turkish archaeologistssays Pernicka. The most interesting archaeological find found in Troy could be discover a cemeterysays Pernicka. "There must definitely be a large cemetery in a city with a population of hundreds. But the cemetery has yet to be discovered”.

According to Pernicka, now is the time for archaeologists from publish the results years of excavation through a 6-volume book to be published in 2015. The book will shed light on the Iliad, an epic poem usually attributed to Homer that details the Trojan War as well as the city of Troy in the Greek and Roman periods, Pernicka says.

Scientific work will serve as a monument to the former president of the excavations, Professor Manfred Korfmann, who died in 2005. The work will lack sensational information, according to Pernicka, who says it will be something of a very important documentary about Troy.

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