Greek mythology: Paris, the prince who sentenced Troy

Greek mythology: Paris, the prince who sentenced Troy

Paris was son of Priam and Hecuba, the kings of troy. When the queen was in the state of the future prince, she had a dream in which it was revealed that the child would destroy his homeland when I was an adult.

Faced with such a statement, the king decided make him disappear, but thanks to the pleas of his wife he managed not to kill him and leave him in charge of some shepherds.

When it grew up, it became a young man who stood out both in beauty and in intelligence and military skill. He even married the nymph Oeona.

They organized some games in troy in which he participated and where his skill was praised even by the gods.

In fact, Hermes asked him to act as referee in a dispute in which he was immersed: deciding what goddess was the most beautiful.

What is the most beautiful goddess?

This problem originated in The wedding of King Peleus and the Nereid Thetis, Achilles' parents. At the end of the link appeared the goddess Eris, the goddess of Discord, who had not been invited.

When he arrived he threw a golden apple and said it would be for the most beautiful goddess. Zeus was unable to decide between the three candidates: Hera, Athena and Aphrodite. Therefore, it was Paris who had to decide who was the most beautiful.

The three they tried to bribe him so that he named them the winners.

Hera He offered him power, promised him to be a powerful ruler; Athena great skill and military fame, and lastly, Aphrodite offered to have to the most beautiful woman on earth.

Paris finally opted for Aphrodite who, to fulfill his promise, had to help him get to Helen, the wife of Menelaus, the king of Sparta.

Paris arrived accompanied by the Trojan court and was personally attended by King Menelaus, who gave him great honors.

During his stay in the city, he tried to gain the favor and love of Helena, offering you the best attention.

A short time later, Menelaus had to undertake a trip to Crete, a fact that was taken advantage of by Paris, who opened his heart to Helena and made left his homeland to go to Troy together with him.

In other versions, Paris kidnapped Helena, taking her with him to Troy.

When Menelaus learned of what had happened, he decided gather all the kings of Greece, including his brother Agamemnon, to travel to Troy and declare war on it.

The death of Paris

During the conflict, Paris was protected countless times by the goddess Aphrodite until finally Philoctetes struck him to death.

Oenona He tried to heal him in every possible way but it was useless. Paris died a few days.

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