Greek mythology: Who was Helen and how did she relate to Troy

Greek mythology: Who was Helen and how did she relate to Troy

If there is a person who was the cause of the trojan war that was undoubtedly the beautiful Helena. His role was instrumental in unleashing one of the most famous epic clashes in Greece.

His life had a tragic ending.

Helena was the daughter of god Zeus and Leda, the wife of King Tindaro of Sparta. He had three other siblings: Castor, Pollux and Clytemnestra.

When I was just a little girl Theseus abducted her with the intention of marrying her, but was rescued by her brothers.

Finally, when required by 29 suitors, married Menelaus, a Greek king brother of Agamemnon married to Clytemnestra. When the Trojan princes were there, met prince paris.

Both young people fell in love and Paris decided to kidnap her and take her with him to Troy, your contry. Aphrodite helped him get it thanks to the fact that he had chosen her as the most beautiful goddess of Olympus, surpassing Hera and Athena.

Helen and the Trojan War

Menelaus, seeing that his wife had fled with the Trojan prince, he went to all the kings of Greece to gather a great army Y march against Troy for the affront to which he had been subjected.

During the war, Helena spent hours in the tower of the palace of Troy where he wove each and every one of his misfortunes.

Helena he regretted having fledof his homeland for going with a foreigner.

To the die Paris during the war, married one of his brothers, Deífolo. But when the city was taken by the Greeks, she handed over her husband, who stabbed him to death.

This fact was aimed at obtain forgiveness from Menelaus and that this way they could reconcile, something that happened and they even had a son, Nicóstrato.

According to the tradition the gods gave Helena immortality, staying on the Champs Elysees with Menelaus or, according to another version, on the Blessed Isles with Achilles, having a son named Euforión.

Another version explains that Atreo, the son of Menelaus, took her to Greece in a complicated trip due to storms that were produced in the sea, having to pass through Egypt.

Upon arrival in Sparta He lived happily with Menelaus. However, when he died, it was expelled from the Peloponnese for being unworthy.

She decided to go to Rhodes to seek refuge from Queen Polyxo, who welcomed her and covered her with care, but the next day, she ordered that choke her when she was in the bathroom and hang her from a gallows.

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