The Five Solas

The Five Solas

The "Five Solas”Is how the pillars of Protestantism. These are five phrases that emerged during the time of the Protestant Reformation and that they summed up the theological thinking of the Reformers, who wanted to end the dominance of the Catholic Church and its antiquated impositions. All of them are opposed to certain practices carried out from Rome during the 16th century.

The first is the "Sola scriptura", that is to say, "just by writing”. According to this doctrine, the only word of God to follow is the Bible. It is a complete rejection of the interpretation that any Church (Orthodox, Catholic, etc.) of the time makes of the sacred text. They do not see the need for the existence of an intermediary between God and humanity.

The second is the "Single fida", what does it mean "just by faith”, And that comes to summarize the belief of Martin Luther that divine salvation is only achieved by faith, not by good works and much less by false good works. It falls within the criticism made by the German theologian on the indulgences granted by the pope, since, for him, that power is reserved to God.

The third sentence is the "Alone gratia”And is understood as“just by grace”. Appeals that the salvation of the human being comes by divine grace, that is, it does not depend on undeserved favors. If someone is a sinner, the cleansing of those sins is not given by a priest, but by divine power itself.

The fourth is called "Solus christus", Which refers to the fact that the only mediator between humanity and God was"only Christ”. According to this premise, salvation cannot be achieved by any other way than that of Christ. This implies that no one else is venerated. However, Lutherans do worship the memory of the Virgin Mary and other exemplary saints.

Finally there is the “Soli deo glory”. In it they show that “glory is only for God”Since salvation depends exclusively on him.

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