Who was Achilles? The hero of the Trojan War

Who was Achilles? The hero of the Trojan War

Achilles he was the son of Peleus and the nereid Thetis. When he was born, his mother wanted make him immortal, so they immersed him in the waters of the stygian lagoon.

To do so he grabbed the heels, which was the only part that did not submerge underwater and, therefore, there were exempt from invulnerability that the rest of the body would have.

He learned the arts of war and hunting of the centaur Chiron on Mount Pelion. He also taught him arts like music or the healing properties of plants.

Achilles and the Trojan War

When he was a child, Calchas, a fortune teller, claimed that in the future Trojan War the Greeks could only win if Achilles participated in it, but what would perish during the contest. His mother decided to hide him among the daughters of King Lycomedes, but when the time came the Greeks sent Ulyssesto look for him.

When Ulises arrived at court, the king denied that he was there. So led gifts to their daughters. He offered them jewelry and ornaments, but also carried a shield and a spear while a bugle sounded.

Achilles could not contain himself and pounced on the weapons. Once discovered, he decided go to war on the side of the Greeks.

During the contest, Achilles always stood at the forefront of the Greek troops, managing to destroy a large number of cities.

When they were looting Lirnesa, he looted a young woman named Briseida.

At the same time, it was granted to Agamemnon, head of the Greek troops, a young woman Priestess of Apollo named Chryseis. Apollo was enraged at this fact and sent a arrow cloud that ended the lives of a large part of the soldiers.

To calm things down Achilles proposed to return the priestess to the temple, an idea that Agamemnon did not like, but to which he agreed in exchange for Achilles gave his slave.

He had no choice but to accept, but refused to continue fighting until his honor was restored. Thanks to Achilles' absence, the Trojan army achieved great victories. The Greeks they begged Achilles to fight again, and even the king gave back to Briseis, but he refused.

However, something made him change his mind. During one of the battles, the Trojan Hector killed Patroclus, Achilles's friend wearing his armor.

Achilles decided to avenge his death returning to the battlefield. He personally confronted Héctor until he killed him striking him down with a spear.

The next thing he did was tie his body to his car and dragged him in front of the walls of Troy for several days, refusing to return the body to his family.

Faced with such an affront, the gods decided to intervene and convince him to return the body to his familyso they could bury him in exchange for a large ransom.

Death of the hero

A short time later, a great fight took place in the environs of the city. Achilles faced Paris, who was still under the protection of the goddess Aphrodite, so he knew exactly the steps he had to take to finish off Achilles.

Knowing the vulnerable point of the hero, heel, shot him an arrow. Apollo, who was envious of the admiration that Achilles aroused, aimed the arrow straight at his heel.

The wound that caused him quickly ended his life.

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