The Uffizi Gallery in Florence will open ten new rooms next month

The Uffizi Gallery in Florence will open ten new rooms next month

The Uffizi Gallery will open shortly ten new spaces dedicated to 16th century painters. These openings will be mainly oriented to Tuscany, with authors ranging from Andrea del Sarto to Bronzino and Rafael. In addition to these new rooms, it will also have a gallery of Hellenistic sculptures.

According to a statement from the art gallery, the new spaces will be available in the coming months. Statues to be exhibited include “The man with the thorn”, Belonging to Romanesque art; "Aphrodite", Of Hellenistic art and also known as"Mirror venus”; Y "The torso", Showing a centaur with its hands tied behind its back, also called"Torso Gaddi, the Farnese Hercules”And corresponding to the Roman art of the second century.

On the other hand, the new sculpture gallery also will show various works from the Archaeological Museum of the Tuscan capital. Among them is the “Apollo citarist”, “Dionysus with the panther”, A Niobide and a head of Ariadna.

The director of the Uffizi Gallery, Antonio Natali, comments that expect to be able to move the pieces without causing too much inconvenience to visitors. The main problem lies in a possible closure of the gallery: “In Right now, all I can say is that big museums tend to close in these situations. If not completely, at least by sectors. I do not know if we will be able to keep the gallery open to the public, but we will try, as we have agreed with our colleagues from the Office of Monuments and the Arts”.

Image: Wikimedia

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