Roman baths found near the Acropolis

Roman baths found near the Acropolis

A luxurious bath complex dating from Roman times, between the 2nd and 7th centuries AD, has been unearthed by archaeologists a short distance from the south side of the Acropolis, within the perimeter of the ancient city walls, in the Makrygiannis district, near the Acropolis Museum.

The bathrooms, which areextremely well preserved and are barely a meter below the surface of the road, they offered services of hot and cold bath.

Following the basic model of Roman baths, it includes changing rooms, at least two water tanks for cold baths (frigidarium), with individual showers, an area of warm baths (tepidarium) and three for hot baths (caldarium), four boiler rooms (praefumium) as well as an area for prepare food.

As explained by the archaeologist Hara Harami, from the third Ephorate of Classical and Prehistoric Antiquities, the bath complex could have been part of an individual residence, but its dimensions and the connection with adjacent places suggest that it could have been part of a larger public or individual building.

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