Damage to cultural heritage amplifies trauma from Italy earthquake

Damage to cultural heritage amplifies trauma from Italy earthquake

The deadly earthquake which killed six people and left thousands homeless in northeastern Italy, it also caused great damage to important churches, bell towers and castles in the region.

There has been a lot of damage to the cultural and psychological heritage here", He said Giancarlo rivelli, a member of the engineering team that studied and inspected the buildings after the earthquake. "People identified with these buildings”, He added.

The earthquake in northeast Italy destroyed much of the region's heritage

One of those in charge of the evacuation said: “All the churches have been affected, even the Cathedral, it is a tragedy. It is a great treasure that has gone to waste”. The earthquake and the strong aftershock that followed later, they demolished the bell tower of Finale Emilia. The city's cathedral was also in ruins and the 13th century towers of Castello delle Rocche were badly damaged.

We are currently dealing with an emergency situation. We are inspecting all the houses to make sure they are fit to live in them. Unfortunately, the rebuilding of the churches will take place once we are done with this task”Said one of the workers, who requested anonymity because he did not have permission to speak to the media.

Many of these churches date back to the Middle Ages and they were a meeting place, a social point of reference. "Makes you want to cry"Said Arcangelo Martini, an employee of the Lamborghini factory, while looking at the destroyed city hall of San Agustín, next to a ruined bell tower, whose clock read 4:05, time of disaster. "There are so many monuments here, this heritage is depressing. How are we going to be able to abandon this kind of thing in Italy?”, He added.

Antonia Pascua Recchia, an official of the Ministry of Culture pointed out: “The state of the area's cultural heritage is even more dramatic than it seems”. The ministry communicated that the damage wassignificant”And the cultural experts were inspecting the buildings together with the firefighters and workers dedicated to emergencies. The museums of the historic city of Ferrara (named a UNESCO World Heritage Site), located a few kilometers from the earthquake, have been closed as a precaution.

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