200,000-year-old site discovered in Malaysia

200,000-year-old site discovered in Malaysia

A paleolithic site what do you think you have 200,000 years old in Keningau. Archaeologists claim that the site at Kampung Lipasu in the Bingkor sub-district could rival that of Mansuli in Lahad Datu, what's wrong with it 235,000 years old.

Archaeologists at the Kampung Lipasu site

The archaeological research team at Sains University Malaysia headed by Professor Mokhtar Saidin says the researchers they have not revealed the exact age of the place believed to be a location where stone tools were created in the Paleolithic. The excavation started may 9 and is expected to end on the 29th of the same month.

The team, which includes researchers from the USM Global Archaeological Research Center and the Sabah Museum Department, has discovered several objects, including an anvil, a stone core, a stone hammer, a grinder, and shard tools.

We believe that the Bingkor site could be older than the Mansuli site as there may be more layers under the current excavation site”Says Mokhtar.

Says it could be a interesting find because the archaeological community initially believed that the human population reached the east coast of northern Borneo.

The idea was that the human population here lived in the coastal area but thanks to the new findings we can see that the first human populations arrived on the island”.

Sabah Museum Director Joanna Kitingan says the latest discoveries could put Keningau on the international map as far as paleolithic finds are concerned. Says the area could become a archaeological tourism place when it is officially published by the department.

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