They find a 'cursed stone' in Scotland

They find a 'cursed stone' in Scotland

A stone discovered by chance in the Isle of Canna in Scotland It is the first known specimen of a bullauncursed stoneexperts say.

Dates about the year 800 after Christ. These stones are associated with the first Christian crosses, of which there is one on the island. It was found in an old cemetery by the administrator of the National Fund for Scotland (NTS).

Cursed Stone of Scotland

The stone is about 25 centimeters in diameter and has engraved a christian cross. Later, it was discovered that fit exactly in a rectangular stone with a worn hole located at the base of the canna cross.

Canna's NTS Administrator Stewart Connor Says The Stone's Significance Was Made Clear after notifying your discovery. He says: "We know the importance of the bullaun stones and that it can be a truly important find. Our head of archeology confirmed a possible connection of the miss with the cross and was so excited that I came back at 9pm to check if it fit and did”.

Cursed stones.

Katherine Forsyth, an expert on the history and culture of the first Celtic-speaking peoples, based at the University of Glasgow, has described it as a “surprising discovery”.

Stones like these are found in Ireland, where they are known as 'cursed stones', but it is the first to be discovered in Scotland", He says. "They date from the beginning of the Christian era but continued to be used by pilgrims until modern times. Traditionally, the pilgrims said a prayer while turning the stone clockwise thanks to a depression or hole that was located below the stone.”.

Forsyth said that the low bowl-shaped stones have been found in other parts of Scotland, including Canna, but this was the first discovery of a top stone.

Add: "This surprising discovery provides a fresh look at the art and religious practice in Scotland's early years and shows just how much there is to discover out there.”.

TO early christian times, Canna belonged to Iona monastery. The island was gifted to the Scottish National Fund in 1981 by the Gaelic academic John lorne campbell.

National Trust For Scotland

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