They find a fighter plane from the Second War in the Sahara

They find a fighter plane from the Second War in the Sahara

A Kittyhawk P-40 crashed in the Sahara desert on June 28, 1942 , during the WWII, has been found in very good condition by the Pole Perka Jakub, who was exploring the western Nile desert, about 200 kilometers from the nearest city, when he came across the downed plane.

RAF plane found in the Sahara

It was damaged after a hard landing and had bullet marksHowever, this single-seat fighter plane seems to have been stopped in time by the desert heat.

Nameplates were undamaged and thanks to this, military historians they were able to identify it as a Royal Air Force plane flown by Flight Sergeant Copping Denis. This pilot He was part of the RAF 260 Squadron.

Copping was sent to an Egyptian air base to carry out repairs to the plane, however, when he left the runway, he was never seen or heard again. At the time it was documented that there was a failure in its front landing gear. There is also damage to the bulletproof fuselage.

RAF plane dashboard

No human remains were found at the crash site. There is evidence that the pilot survived and tried to build himself a shelter from the sun. The radio and battery were also removed from the car, suggesting that the pilot tried to get in touch to send an SOS. If he had died in the accident or in the vicinity, his body would have been found near the scene, so he probably decided to walk away as a last resort.

His remains could be anywhere within a 20 mile radius. The UK Ministry of Defense plans to search the area, but the chances of finding the body are very slim.

RAF plane tail

Meanwhile, after 70 years intact, the plane is now in danger due to the threat of local people to sell the parts for scrap. The wreckage is near a smuggling route between Sudan and Libya, and now that the plane is known to be there there is a danger that its parts will be removed for sale.

The Ministry of Defense is working with the RAF Museum to get the plane back. Due to the location of the wreckage, search and recovery teams will have to be escorted by the Egyptian army.

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