The legend of the origin of Rome

The legend of the origin of Rome

The origin of Rome it's very old. The ancient Romans put it down to twins called Romulus and Remus. This is the story. After the battle that destroyed troy to the foundations, Aeneas managed to flee from the city thanks to the intervention of the goddess Aphrodite. In his flight he reached the area of ​​North Africa, where he has just founded the city of Cartago, being governed by the queen dido, who fell in love with Aeneas. However, the gods had another destiny for him, so they sent a messenger to tell him that he must leave. So, Aeneas left for the Italian coast.

Once in Italian lands, he reached the city of Straight. The Latin king, who ruled in those lands, hosted him in his own home. There he met the king's daughter, Lavinia, with whom he would marry shortly after. Together they had a son they named Ascanio. This one, when he was already an adult, founded the city of Alba Longa, the new capital of the Latin kingdom.

After several generations of kings, were born Numitor and Amulio. Both were running for the throne but Amulio decided push your brother away. Too got rid of his daughter, Rea Silvia, forcing her to enter as a vestal priestess, who worshiped the goddess Vesta, so as to remain Virgin and never had children who would claim the throne. But one day, Rea Silvia went for a walk by the river and fell asleep on the shore. By chance the god passed by Mars and fell in love with her. Of that love two children were born.

Amulio had the children killed. Therefore, Rea Silvia decided to put them in a basket and throw them into the river Tíber. The basket was stranded on the shore 20 kilometers from the mouth of the river. There he found them a she-wolf who suckled them in their lair on Palatine Hill until a shepherd found them. He decided to take care of them as if they were his own children and called Romulus and Remus.

When they grew up and learned their origin, they decided to dethrone the usurper, Amulio, and they returned the throne to his grandfather, Numitor. They both set out to found a city in the area where they had been raised by the she-wolf. However, they did not agree on the exact location, so they decided ask the gods. Romulus went to Mount Palatine and Remus to Mount Aveninus, two of the seven hills in the area. Rowing saw 6 vultures but Romulus saw 12, so he decided the place where the city would settle.

Romulus traced the drawing of where would the walls and gates go of the city, and affirmed who would kill whoever transferred them. Remus did not believe that the threat was real or that it would not affect him, so he dared to cross one of the lines made by Romulus. He kept his promise and killed his own brother. In his honor, he decided to call the city ​​rome. So, Rome would be founded in 754 BC.

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