Work begins for the Urartu Museum in Van Castle

Work begins for the Urartu Museum in Van Castle

The restoration of the walls of Van Castle in Anatolia, have started following a new initiative of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, which has allocated a budget of 2'29 million Turkish lirafor the restoration, according to what the regional director of monuments Cemil Karabayram told an Anatolia news agency.

The castle walls date from century XVI and have undergone restorations on several occasions, says Karabayran, adding that current work restore 70% of the walls and secure the structure so that it is not affected by bad weather conditions.

Karabayram also says that archaeological excavations will continue around the castle.

An Urartu Museum will be built in the northern part of the castle. All works from the urartu period will be displayed there. Construction of the museum will begin soon”Says the director. The urartu kingdom, established between the 9th and 6th centuries BC, was centralized in Van, which was then known as Tushpa.

Hürriyet Daily News

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