A cache of Roman coins discovered in Staffordshire

A cache of Roman coins discovered in Staffordshire

Roman coins from more than 2,000 years old They have been discovered in Staffordshire in what experts describe as a significant find. The silver coins were discovered by hobbyist metal detector Scott Heeley of Hednesford.

At least one of the 242 coins bears the head of the Roman politician and military general Marco Antonio, the loyal friend of Julius Caesar. Experts say it is the most exciting discovery in the area since the Staffordshire Treasury, a collection of the greatest Anglo-Saxon treasure ever found.

Roman coins belonging to the stash found

The experts of British museum have produced a report on Mr. Heeley's finding while an independent evaluation committee will evaluate what they are worth.

Ian Richardson, the museum treasure recorder, confirmed that the coins are from the I-II centuries. He says: "We have a good number of coin hoards each year but this is an especially good one. It was a really great hoard of 52,000 coins found in Somerset in 2010 but they were bronze. These are silver and are from an earlier period. In the world of currency, it is a good find”.

Richardson said the local museum will have the opportunity to acquire the coins and if they do not accept the offer an investigation will be carried out to decide if the stash could be classified as a treasure.

Any financial rewards will be shared between Mr. Heeley (age 50) and the owner of the field in Stoke-on-Trent where the coins were found.

Heeley, the Network Rail maintenance worker in Hednesford, says: “They looked more like chocolate buttons at first from the amount of crap around them. I was in shock when I realized what I had. What really excites me is that I have discovered a piece of history”.

Heeley made this landmark discovery in an excavation with the Birmingham-based group Timeline Detection. After many hours of searching, the old detector made a strong signal and he stopped digging. A silver coin came out with the first stroke and the detector began to buzz wildly.

He says: "My friend Dean said, "Oh my god, you hit the jackpot." Every handful of dirt that came out contained silver coins. I was shaking with joy”.

Backing down he was summoned and after four hours of digging, the group found 242 coins and some shards. Heeley's discovery came just two years after adopting the hobby.

The staffordshire treasure was discovered in a field in an area between Brownhills and Burntwood in 2009 by Terry Herbert metal detector. During a recent tour of America, the stash has been treated as a 'global phenomenon'After 50,000 visitors came to see him. The Treasury made headlines last month when it emerged that some travelers wanted set up camp on the edge of the place of discovery.

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