French authorities return stolen pre-Columbian objects to Costa Rica

French authorities return stolen pre-Columbian objects to Costa Rica

The French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs announced yesterday that a high-level government official returned six pre-Columbian objects to Ambassador Carlos Bonilla Sandoval for your repatriation to Costa Rica.

According to an official statement by French diplomacy, Jean-Paul Balzamo has organized the return of six ceramic objects, some with shapes of humans and animals. The agency France-Presse quoted a foreign affairs industry spokesperson as explaining that the relics were confiscated at French customs from Charles de Gaulle International Airport. Technicians investigated the origin of the relics and determined that they belonged to Costa Rica.

Speaker Bernard Valero I declare that: "The return of these archaeological objects is one more example of France's commitment and our ongoing cooperation in the international fight against the theft of art objects and cultural heritage.”.
In September 2010, the national newspaper La Nación reported on the recovery of 28 stolen pre-Columbian objects in the 1990s and later confiscated by Italian law enforcement officers in Milan. These objects were confiscated in 1998 and were taken to the embassy in Rome for 12 years, due to budget constraints. Repatriating archaeological objects is generally an expensive affair due to logistical needs and necessary insurance. Finally, a member of the diplomatic corps, Miguel Angel Obregon, brought the objects back in suitcases.

The looting of antiquities by grave robbers real (nightwalkers in the UK) has always been a problem for researchers working in Costa Rica. The late Professor Michael J. Snarskis, an American archaeologist considered to be the pioneer of modern archeology in the country, once criticized the collections of our Gold and Jade Museums as from grave robberies in cultural heritage sites by opportunists who have connections to antique dealers operating on the lucrative black market.

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